Diagnosis Specialist System at Palm Oil

Norhasniza Hassan, Zalmiyah Zakaria, Zuraini Ali Shah, Noryusliza Abdullah, Shahreen Kasim


 The project that was developed is a computerize system that will be able

to diagnose problems happened to palm oil tree. Generally, there is two

main problem that always happened to palm oil tree; disease and pest.

This system developed to store the knowledge in the related field into a

knowledge base to help the newcomer in this field to make a decision to

settle the problem faced. To solve this problem, data driven search

technique applied to search for the symptom stored in the knowledge

base. The system developed using expert system concept. Based on this

concept, a knowledge base was built to store all the knowledge compiled.

Inference engine used to search the knowledge in the knowledge base.

The knowledge based was stored in MySQL database and the inference

engine was developed using PHP language.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30630/ijasce.1.2.13


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Organized / Collaboration

- Soft Computing and Data Mining Centre, UTHM, Malaysia and Department of Information Technology

- Society of Visual Informatics, Indonesia