The Research Assistant Management System (RAMS)

Nurul Izzati Amiruddin, Siti Aisyah Sa’dan, Hasiah Mohamed, Nurul Husna Amalina Mohd Adzmi


 The Research Management Unit (RMU) of UiTM Terengganu currently

operated manually in recording all of their Research Assistant

information. The limitations in keeping the record manually are that the

record may be lost due to human or environment disaster and the

storage to keep all the record also may expended as the record are keep

increasing. The Research Assistant Management System (RAMS) is

developed to help the administrative of the RMU in UiTM Terengganu

to manage the Research Assistant information more effectively. Reports

can be generate easily using this system. The Rapid Application

Development (RAD) model methodology is used in the development of

the system. The methodology consist of five phases which are

requirement planning phase, user design phase, construction phase,

cutover phase and lastly the documentation. This system have been

demonstrated to three expert users for the feedback and the

recommendation. Besides that, user testing also conducted by

distributed the questionnaire to the 30 respondents. The result based on

the respondent analysis shows that the highest mean of perceive of

usefulness of the system is 4.167 (SD= 0.531). In conclusions, the

RAMS will give more benefit to user when using it and hopefully it can

help RMU to manage their Research Assistant information.

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