Lecturer Committee Management System

Hasiah Mohamed, Nurul Husna Amalina Nor Adzmi


Teaching is the main task of the lecturer besides research,

consultancy and holding administrative post. Administrative post

consist of post that need to be held for either two (2) years or 1

year depending on the job scope. Currently, there are difficulties

in assign post to lecturer. Beside, it is time consuming to trace the

current post of lecturer. In order to solve the current process, a

system known as Lecturer Committee Management System

(LCMS) is proposed. LCMS can be used to propose and assign

post to lecturer and to track lecturer involvement history in

committee. The method use in the development of LCMS is

Rapid Application Development (RAD) model. Once the

development process completed, expert evaluation and user

evaluation have been conducted. For the expert there are a few

question that have been asked in order to improve the usability

and functionality of the LCMS. For the user, there are six

construct provided in order to evaluate LCMS. The result show

that respondents agree LCMS is easy to use with the highest

mean is 4 (SD=0.41). Lastly, as for the future enhancement new

features such as lecturer can get the notification about post

assigned via phone.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30630/ijasce.1.3.24


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