Students Attendance System (SAS)

Aimran Ramli, Mohd Hanapi Abdul Latip, Hasiah Mohamed, Nurul Husna Amalina Mohd Adzmi


In UiTM Terengganu, student attendance current manual process

is based on Academic Affairs (HEA) criteria. Lecturer has to

bring attendance sheet to each class and take student attendance.

At the end of semester lecturer has to manually calculate and

send the report to HEA. Based on preliminary study, current

process causing inefficiency on processing reporting. In order to

improve the current process, Student Attendance System (SAS) is

a system proposed to be developed for Universiti Teknologi

MARA (UiTM) Terengganu. Lecturer is the primary users of the

system. These allow user control, update, and view the attendance

based on session, course and group. SAS was developed with

System Development Life Cycle based on Extreme Programming

(XP). XP phases involve phase of select user stories for release,

then break down stories to tasks, plan release, develop, release to

evaluate it. Then, process is repeated until meet user requirement.

System testing based on test plan has been conducted. As for the

evaluation, the evaluation process is done by three (3) experts

then comment and suggestion is produced. Results based on

experts evaluation shows that positive feedback from the experts

where the development of SAS caters elements of ease of use,

flow is easy to be understood and the system is consistent and

follow the standard As conclusion, SAS can be improved based

on comments and suggestions form experts and it has a big

potential to be implemented in UiTM Terengganu.

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