Kindergarten Registration Management System (KREMS)

Amirah Ibrahim, Hasiah Mohamed


 Kindergarten Registration Management System (KReMS) is a system

that has been developed for one of the kindergarten in Dungun. This

system is proposed to be developed in order to help the management of

the kindergarten to manage the registration process. The user for this

system can be divided into four which are parent, admin, staff and

teacher. KReMS basically have eight modules which are student

registration, fees payment, generating report, announcement to parent,

updating vacancies in the kindergarten, upload receipt and important

documents, update status, and record parent, staff and student

information. The methodology used to develop KReMS is Rapid

Application Development (RAD). KReMS is evaluated by experts and

users. The evaluation of KReMS is done with four experts based on five

criteria which are flow of the system, interface, efficiency, ease of use,

and user experience. From this evaluation, the result shows that most of

the experts agree that KReMS the interface of KReMS is attractive.

Apart from that, user’s evaluation that involved 30 respondents has been

conducted. Questionnaire is distributed to the respondents and the

respondents evaluated the system based on six constructs which are

interface, usability, efficiency, satisfaction, ease of use and user

experience. Result shows that most of the respondents agreed that the

system will be able to improve the efficiency of their works with the

highest mean which is 4.36 (SD= 0.62). As for the future enhancement,

one of features that can be added is ability of the system to record

student attendance

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